I am committed to helping you move through the pain or fear that now holds you back. Feel real joy again, discover your full potential and passion for life.

How Does Therapy Work?

Once you reach out you will immediately have someone in your corner to offer help, insight, perspective and counsel. More than a compassionate listener you will have an active partner to help you navigate through the dilemmas you now face alone. I specialize in helping women create happier, healthier and more satisfying lives and relationships through life coaching, self esteem work, boundary setting and good self-care.

Mindfulness and Goal-Setting

I love working with people who experience life deeply and are looking for ways to be more authentic, passionate and peaceful. I will teach you mindfulness as well as goal-setting. Couples learn communication skills and learn how to understand each other on a deeper level.

I have helped hundreds of clients achieve their personal goals, create healthy and happy relationships, resolve blocks that have kept them from achieving complete happiness, find a balance between work, family and self, or learn concrete, do-able skills to eliminate panic and anxiety.

Are you new to Texas and feel like you’ve landed on another planet? Successful careers often mean a lot of moving around, adapting to new surroundings, finding support and meaningful relationships all over again. It’s an adjustment for the whole family. Any issues that you brought with you will resurface as soon as you get settled in. Relationship issues, personal growth needs, anger, frustration, loneliness, anxiety or sadness are much harder to cope with when you don’t have the support system you had before. I am particularly sensitive to your pain of being in a new place with the same old problems. Let me help.

Have questions?

Unsure if you need therapy? Call me at 210-787-6384, or email Jeanne now. Or check out my Common Questions page.


Jeanne M. Strauss, LCSW, NBCCH • 210-787-6384 • Email

Do I Need Therapy?

Do You…

  • Feel alone in your marriage and tired of doing all the work?

  • Want things to change but aren’t sure where to begin?

  • Fail to set boundaries and find people take advantage because you’re too nice?

  • Think negatively about the future, expecting or planning for the worst?

  • Need a supportive network of friends but feel shy or lack confidence?

  • Feel your worries keep you awake and steal your quality of life?

Are You…

  • Angry and frustrated more than you want to be?

  • Sometimes paralyzed by decisions that need to be made?

  • Juggling the demands of career & family but forget about you?

  • In a relationship that you find emotionally unsatisfying or abusive?

  • Stressed and overwhelmed by a life that feels out of control?

  • Ready to start healing from the inside out and let go of the past?
  • Facing mid-life transitions and decisions?



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